Congresses and continuous medical education

Only well-trained staff members are motivated and able to internalize and enhance the concepts of modern infection control.

BZH-Academy offers national and regional meetings, lectures and individual CME programs.

Those incorporate recent scientific developments in the fields of hygiene, infection control, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, quality management, reprocessing and sterilization of medical equipment and legal requirements related to the prevention of nosocomial infections.

Lectures and training programs are offered in Freiburg and as inhouse-events by request of local institutions.

Our services:

  • Congress for infection control and hygiene in Freiburg
  • Hygiene commissioner (physicans)
  • Link nurses (hospitals)
  • Link nurses (chronic care facilities)
  • Hygiene commissioner in conservative surgeries
  • Proficiency courses for sterilization of medical equipment
  • BZH-E-Academy